SpaceX Plans for Global Internet

Having worked on Mahala Network for a number of years now, it has become something of a routine when friends and colleagues scanning the news identify what they perceive to be a threat to success.

In reality, I couldn’t be more thrilled when I hear about public and private entities taking steps to level the playing field for connectivity and communication around the world. In this endeavor as with Facebook’s Aquila Drone and the Google Loon project, I wish SpaceX a hearty success.

The key to this venture truly leveling the playing field will come down to simple economics. Can 12,000 satellites covering 90% of the earth in broadband internet be offered a cost that will be affordable to individuals who earn less than $1.25 a day?

And even if they can, will those individuals find a community where they can contribute, or a platform filled with paywalls or content that leaps beyond their literacy?

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